January 2020

More than 1000 years of tea ceremony


More than 1000 years of tea ceremony 710 At the beginning of the Nara period in Japan, tea is already being cultivated in some temples and consumed by priests and nobles as a healing drink. 729 Emperor Shoumu introduces a religious ceremony called Incha. During this ceremony, the monks are given tea for their [...]

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Lose weight with green tea


The fact that green tea contains health-promoting substances is now widely known to those interested in health, connoisseurs and tea lovers. However, many people also swear by the help of green tea when they lose weight. Science understands more and more exactly how the ingredients of green tea can help with weight loss. How [...]

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Matcha Tea


The Matcha (抹茶) was originally imported from China to Japan. It is a typically bright green powder, which is obtained by a grinding process from the whole tea leaves. The powder is usually sieved for preparation before brewing and afterwards beaten foamy with a special bamboo broom. Matcha Tea Traditionally, the tea culture in [...]

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December 2019



Since the introduction of the green tea in Japan, the first ceramic culture has also been created, which Japan from Yixing reached in China. From this time began the first production of Japanese teapots to prepare Sencha. The design of the Japanese tea pot continued to develop rapidly, differing significantly from the Chinese model. [...]


Green tea varieties of Japan


Green tea varieties of Japan: We drink green tea every day, and for us the deciding factor is the good taste of the tea. Of course, we know about the beneficial properties of green tea to health and we are happy for anyone who could help or help those wonderful qualities. However, it remains [...]

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Green Tea


Camellia sinensis - tea plant The Camellia sinensis The tea plant bears the Latin name Camellia sinensis and belongs botanically to the genus of camellias. It occurs in nature in the tropics and subtropics and thrives best in humid areas of the earth. Wild tea plants are evergreen shrubs or trees and their stature [...]

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Green Tea online


Buy and order green tea online Would you like to order green tea? We would like to invite you to visit us at Grüner-Tee.life warmly welcome you to our online shop! With us you will find high-quality teas from the best growing regions of Japan and China in a unique quality. Japanese green tea [...]

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