The fact that green tea contains health-promoting substances is now widely known to those interested in health, connoisseurs and tea lovers. However, many people also swear by the help of green tea when they lose weight. Science understands more and more exactly how the ingredients of green tea can help with weight loss.

How can green tea help you to lose weight?

Green tea stimulates the organism to a faster metabolism. In this way, a greater part of the energy contained in the food is consumed directly in metabolic processes, instead of being stored in the form of fat reserves. As with many other beneficial health benefits of green tea, it is the combination of the various ingredients that makes the plant so valuable and useful to the body as a whole.

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Another positive effect of the green tea on the composition of existing hormones in the body. This hormonal balance is more important for health and especially for losing weight than many people realize. Thus, even with the weight reduction by exercise often only the number of calories ingested against the number of calories burned. However, this overlooks or ignores the fact that it plays an equally important role in how these calories are used in the body.

Losing weight with green tea For example, weight training naturally means that a large part of the food consumed is used by the body to build muscle. In this way, even after training, the energy contained in this part is not stored in the form of fat reserves. Of course, it always depends on the exact composition of the food and the benefits of the ingredients for a particular process in the body.

Such processes can be promoted for example by the completed exercises, but also by the absorption of substances stimulating the metabolism. Thus, the bill “consumed calories minus calories consumed” in weight loss for those who want to tackle this topic professional, at most suitable as a first rough estimate. To a certain extent, green tea also takes care of this question, ie how the nutrients consumed are utilized.

Lose weight with green tea

Thus, some of the ingredients contained in the metabolism in a way that significantly reduces the formation of fatty tissue. In the process, scientists have discovered that, for example, the stomach fat in humans has a clear effect on the feeling of hunger or the hormone balance on which it is based.

Unlike, one could intuitively think, the feeling of hunger is greater, the more belly fat is present. The green tea can help to break this “vicious circle”, especially in connection with sport.

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Thus, green tea is also a great help when losing weight to balance body and mind. The special balanced relationship between caffeine and the other active ingredients could also play an important role.

Among other things, the catechins, among other things, ensure that the caffeine contained in green tea can be better absorbed. The caffeine is known to many people about coffee as the organism in a special way stimulating. Unlike green tea, coffee does not contain catechins. The multifaceted health-promoting effects of these substances have been more and more clearly revealed by science in the past.