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Would you like to order green tea? We would like to invite you to visit us at Grü warmly welcome you to our online shop! With us you will find high-quality teas from the best growing regions of Japan and China in a unique quality. Japanese green tea not only convinces with its distinctive, fine taste, but also good for your health and well-being. The consumption of green tea has been shown to lower your cholesterol levels, improve fat metabolism and help you to protect yourself from various types of cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Japanese green tea is considered the remedy among teas. Do something good for yourself and your body! Of course, we cannot give you a medical guarantee for the health-promoting effects of our tea, but the experience of many customers and tea lovers around the world – and the millennia-old tradition – have repeatedly confirmed how beneficial green tea is for the body and mind. Just try it out for yourself!

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At Grü you can order green tea and do something good for your body

If you want to be enchanted by the aroma of Japanese green tea and benefit from its healing powers, then you’ve come to the right place! Browse through our extensive range in peace and quiet! We offer you types of tea that were allowed to mature under excellent growing conditions and were able to develop an exceptionally fine aroma that can convince every tea lover.

The peculiarity of our green tea lies not only in its ingredients themselves, but also in their extraordinary interaction. Our teas differ considerably from the commercially available green teas. Try it out – with us you will only find the best quality.

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At Grü we offer you the opportunity to buy green tea online in a very convenient way. Browse comfortably and calmly in our wide range of Japanese green teas whether Matcha, Sencha or Gyokuro, simply order your favorite variety via the Internet. We will deliver your tea to your home immediately, so that you can soon convince yourself of the unmistakable taste of the finest teas from the best growing areas of the highest quality. Would you like to know more about history, growing areas or preparation? On our info page you can find out everything you need to know. In addition, we would like to introduce the Japanese culture, which has been influenced by green tea until today.

Whether geisha, samurai or the Japanese calligraphy Shodo, all of these are a large part of the Japanese culture and were significantly influenced by green tea or the tea ceremony in Japan. What is Wabi-Sabi 侘 寂? Who was Sen no Rikyū? How is Raku ceramics made? You can find the answer to all of these questions on our constantly growing info page!

Of course you will also find high-quality green teas from China here and of course you will find out under Green Tea – China the differences to Japanese cultivation or processing. Enjoy the invigorating effect of green tea on hot summer days or make yourself comfortable in the dark season with a nice hot cup of tea on the sofa and travel with us through Japan.

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Of course, we offer you a wide range of high-quality ceramics, such as the traditional kyusu and accessories from various pottery workshops in Japan, such as Hagi, Banko or Tokoname and Yixing in China.

Whether kyusu, matcha bowls or matcha accessories & utensils from the tea ceremony in our online shop, you are sure to find something suitable for your personal tea ceremony or the preparation of green tea such as matcha and gyokuro. See the influence of parts of Japanese culture such as Ukiyo-e, Sakura, Fuji-san or Tsukimi on the ceramic works of the individual artists. Or enjoy your tea from one of the many unique ceramics that suit your very own style. We at Grü look forward to welcoming you to our online shop and wish you lots of fun and a harmonious tea time!

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Green tea quality

As with no other type of tea, there are extreme differences in the quality of the varieties offered. A large part of the green tea and matcha offered in supermarkets and shops is often of poor quality, which is particularly noticeable in terms of taste. An organic seal is sadly not a quality feature, on the contrary, it is not uncommon for these teas to be contaminated, as recent tests have shown. Organic production is neither responsible for a special taste nor for a higher health benefit. The taste of organic teas is often subterranean compared to non-organic varieties.A high theaning content, as is often advertised for varieties, is no proof of quality!

Why is high quality so important for green tea?

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A natural sweetness, a soft feeling in the mouth and a long aftertaste are signs of a high quality green tea. It is rich in functional substances, not just one. Functional substances are formed primarily by the slow growth of the tea tree. High quality through slower growth also means that more minerals and polyphenols are formed and amino acids such as theanine are reduced. You can also recognize high quality by how quickly the tea leaf unrolls.

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Poor quality tea leaves often take a long time, while the leaves of a high quality tea unroll very quickly. This is due to the consistency of the leaf, a tea tree that grows too quickly produces thin leaves that take a long time to unroll, while the slow-growing tea plant produces thick, strong leaves that unroll quickly during preparation. Teas should be vacuumed! To ensure the best possible level of freshness, your trusted retailer should use this packaging method.

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