• High sun exposure converts theanine to catechin and polyphenol, the thick fog of the region largely hinders this process and the tea leaves retain a high level of theanine.
  • The Hatsumukashi is shaded for about a month before harvest. Our Matcha Hatsumukashi is characterized by its rich aroma, its completely delicate sweetness and its rich green color. Refreshing and full of nutrients, this is the perfect drink that rejuvenates the mind and body.
  • The leaves of the Toyomukashi are traditionally ground by stone mills, the cup color is a lively, rich green and the taste is deep with lots of umami and creamy, with a fine, smooth finish.
  • Nicht auf Lager
    The taste of our Asatsuyu is not overshadowed by the subtle umami flavor. The taste is still light and fresh, with above average sweetness and a lively twist.
  • Nicht auf Lager
    Our Yabukita Sencha is the archetypal high quality Japanese green tea. Full of all the fresh and expressive flavors, just as we love the rolled leaves.
  • The tea garden of this unique tea is located in the mountains of Myanmar at an altitude of around 2000 meters. At these altitudes, the temperature differences between the different times of day are of central importance for tea.


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